The $700 Pony? Where does this stuff come from?
    A long, long time ago, on a farm that we used to own, a Pony arrived. It’s a long story how she got here and what
    happened next, and if I told you the whole thing, you wouldn't buy the book now, would you? But I can say, I only paid $700
    for her.

    The Pony in question was just about feral and her appearance upon arrival was nothing you would write home to Mom
    about. To say that the thing was a little rough around the edges would be like saying Jackass: The Movie is not
    intellectually stimulating. And my ability as a rider and trainer to deal with such an equine were not at all in sync with her
    needs. I had not ridden for several years and my latest c-section incision was still itchy. Not a good match.

    As a member of the Chronicle of the Horse BB on-line community, one of about
    20,000 registered members, I believe, I began to share stories of the newly
    arrived $700 Pony. The general consensus was that the stories were pretty funny.
    And had I ever considered writing a book? Writing a book would be a life dream
    of mine, and something I perceived to be about as achievable as, say scaling
    Mt. Everest or running the Iron Man.

    And yet, after I had posted about half a dozen stories about my sorry life and my
    tragically mismatched equine, I was persuaded by a number of folks to contact
    a publisher. Publisher agreed to publish, book was written and printed, and here
    we are: The Chronicles of the $700 Pony is here for your entertainment. It is a light,
    fun book, not meant to leaving you weeping tears of joy – but it should make
    you laugh. More than once.

    Who is this “Reynard Ridge” Character?
    For those of you who do not belong to an on-line community, well, aren’t you feeling a little left out right now? C’mon! Join
    the fun! “Reynard Ridge” is my screen name on the oft mentioned Chronicle of the Horse BB. It is a terrific place for horse
    people to hang out and talk about horses. And entertain each other, which we do at length – when we are not having
    heated debates about Rolkur, Parelli, Gypsy Vanners or any other number of hot button topics. Trust me, it’s loads of fun!

    Now why are you selling these books yourself? Is this some kind of Vanity Press Thing?
    No, no, not at all! Half Halt Press is a legit publishing house that focuses on equine publications. The book is available
    through them, as well as on Amazon. In fact, it is cheaper on Amazon than here.  But, the person who gets cut out of the
    monetary equation when books are sold at discount volumes through Amazon would be the author. Moi. My publisher
    kindly offered me the option to sell a few books myself. Frankly, it’s the only way I can make any money on this deal. Hey,
    if the only way you can afford the book is to buy it through Amazon, I would much rather you buy it there than forego! Not to
    mention if you want international shipping, they can do it faster and cheaper than I can. But, if you have a few extra bucks
    rattling around at the bottom of your purse, well, my wee children will thank you when they get to go to college.

    Wait, What's the Deal with Inscriptions?
    Last year, I charged two bucks and wrote anything anyone wanted as an inscription. This year, as it turns out, I am living
    in Nanjing, China. I am not the person actually putting the books in the mail. Long story, by the way, but I am running out
    of space, so I need to keep this short. I signed a very large number of book, and left them with my Mom. She is shipping
    them out, so every book that ships has my signature in it. There's no charge, because how you can charge people for
    something they may or may not want?? If you want any additional text written in the book, my mom will be the person who
    actually writes it. Which, I actually think is quite funny. But, I have an odd sense of humor.

 Will you ship to Canada? (The actual most frequently asked question, by the way)
     Yes, i will. While Canada is technically "International," it's way cheaper than say, Dubai (Hi, CrazyDog!) or Ireland (Hi,          
     Weatherford!) or New Zealand (Hey, Eventable!). Go ahead and order and I'll get the book to you.

    And now, time for your questions!
    If you have a burning $700 Pony question, please go ahead and email away! I will try to answer and get it posted here in
    between trips to the Post Office. And, if you wouldn't mind, it would make my life a little easier if you would please put FAQ
    QUESTION in the subject line.
Frequently Asked Questions