This is a reprint from the book acknowledgements, word for word. As a wife, mom, writer, rider and chicken care-taker, I
    couldn’t possibly have written this book without a tremendous amount of support from my community of friends and
    family. I thank them as follows:

    Achieving life dreams rarely happen in a vacuum, and it is with incredible gratitude that I acknowledge the importance of
    the following people in the writing and publication of this book:  

    Thanks of course to my husband, Jeff, who really does make it all possible. And to Tom and Hope, the long suffering 48
    Orphan Puppy Equivalents who will one day look with horror upon this tome.

    Huge thanks are owed to my Mom who provided significant distraction for the 48 Orphan Puppy Equivalents during the
    time I was transcribing the trials and tribulations of the $700 Pony. And to my Dad, who supported my Mom while I wrote.

    Many thanks are due to Liz Gallen, the long suffering trainer/therapist and the ladies of Blue Heron Farm who provided
    editing support and who, while they shake their heads in dismay every time I roar down the driveway in a cloud of dust,
    continue to put up with me with relative good humor.

    Thanks, of course, to The Instigator, Paige DiRoberto, who never ceases to inspire and amaze me.

    Thanks to Margaret Odgers, who paved the way for horse humor writers everywhere, and who introduced me to the
    indefatigable Beth Carnes of Half-Halt Press, without whom there would be no book.

    Thanks to Gary Maholic who with his usual incredible patient good nature put up with some serious cyber nagging and
    dug up a long lost chapter for me. And, a personal aside to Gary’s Mom, “Mrs. Maholic, saving stuff is good!”

    Special thanks are due to the Chronicle of the Horse bulletin board. I’m not exactly sure how I can ever fully express my
    gratitude to the vast mass of horse folk who make up what is affectionately known as the CoTH BB. This group of twenty
    thousand strong horse people provided a venue for my writing and then encouraged, cajoled, threatened and ultimately
    provided the impetus for me to take my words from cyberspace to the printed page. To all of you, I cannot thank you

    Oh, and DillansMom, congratulations on the successful achievement of your 2004 goal: you convinced RR to write a book!
    And the Pony? Are you wondering if she has been sold down the river yet to finance my big eventing dreams? No, no, she
    most certainly has not. The PT Cruiser dream is no more—replaced by a little pony with a big heart. If you happen to be
    eventing on the east coast in the next few years and see a little chestnut pony with a gorgeous blond tail streak by, give us
    a wave and a cheer, will you?

    Ellen Broadhurst
    "Reynard Ridge"